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Change Part 1: Leaders and Superheroes

As a mom of three boys, I know all about superheroes, their superpowers, and their
human names. These humans, each with their complicated backstory, morph into
superheroes with powers that overcome incredible challenges. Peter Parker becomes
Spiderman. Tony Stark becomes Ironman. Diana Prince becomes Wonder Woman. Each
of them has gone through significant change in their past and continually experiences
change as they fight against supervillains and battle the powers of darkness. Change.
Change can bring out the best, the worst, and a lot in between. For leaders, not only are
they processing the transitions personally, but are also required to help the team adapt
with excellence throughout the phases of change. As leaders, wouldn’t it be awesome if
we could instantly morph into our superhero version while implementing these

How can leaders best lead through change? Being able to communicate in a clear,
timely, and direct manner from DAY ONE is crucial. If too much information is shared
with the greater team before final decisions have been made it can breed insecurity,
undue drama, and rumors. No leader wants to invite these things into a team let alone
during a season of change. Wrestling with tough questions and considering a wide array
of strategies are essential, but this should be done with a small group of trusted leaders
before sharing information with the entire organization. Knowing when to share
information and with whom can bring major wins along the way.

However, once decisions have been made and leaders feel confident about the best
strategy moving forward, transparency builds trust. Sharing as much information that is
appropriate, including the possible challenges with the entire organization, gives leaders
an opportunity to earn street cred. Address what you anticipate being the hardest parts
and discuss potential resources to equip the team. Instead of promising a fairytale
transition that includes rainbows and unicorns, KEEP. IT. REAL. This vulnerability can
bring your team confidence as you lead the way through transition.

Furthermore, being able to tie the values of the organization into the purpose of the
change will provide opportunity to face challenges as a unified front. Reminding the
team of the greater purpose, the mission, and the values that serve as the anchor of the
organization provide stability and reassurance. These are welcomed gifts, especially in
seasons of change. Echoing these values throughout the implementation and beyond is
a powerful weapon against resistance and division.

So perhaps there is a way that leaders can morph into superheroes without seeming like
posers. Exercising wise communication strategies, showing thoughtfulness in sharing
plans with the team, and keeping the organization rooted in values is almost like a
three-piece superhero outfit.

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