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Leadership: Rhythm and Balance

There are so many paradoxes in life, and we frequently find ourselves in the tension of BOTH. Both sorrow and joy. Both grief and celebration. Both gratitude and disappointment. When promising doors are closed, we are both disappointed and hopeful in anticipating what is next. What about rhythm and balance? What do rhythm and balance […]

Quitting vs. Gritting

Quitting vs. Gritting

What if quiet quitting has to do with more than just burnout? Maybe quiet quitting has to do with not having enough grit, long-term vision, and an overdose of entitlement. One contributor of quiet quitting could be that people are more disconnected from coworkers than ever before, and at the same time, prefer to work from home.

Mining and Criticism

Mining and Criticism

Do you have regular check-ins with your team members? Is there an established culture where feedback is welcome? What could you shift to provide a more consistent rhythm of growth throughout the organization? How can we show others we are fighting for their greatest possible good? Modeling that commitment to personal growth toward excellence and extraordinary is a gift to the entire team. And following that growth comes celebration for wins
both big and small. Feedback matters because person and mission matter deeply. For leaders, the success of the team is worth learning the art of panning for the gold in criticism.

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